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Here’s our process
  • 01 Introductory meeting
  • 02 CAD drawing and engineering
  • 03 Approval from state
  • 04 Lending institution help, if needed
  • 05 Hog suppliers, if needed
  • 06 Building project begins
  • 07 Fill your barn with livestock
  • 08 Continue to serve you as a resource

Not just an installer, a trusted partner.

Because Hamilton Distributing controls the process from start to finish we can get the quality from our subs that you deserve. From an idea, to a sketch on a napkin, to CAD, the engineering, and working on the site approval by the State, we will walk with you every step of the way. We know how to work with lending institutions and large hog suppliers. We have great relationships with our subs to make sure your project hits scheduled milestones and deadlines. From the day we break ground all the way through stocking and fill day, Hamilton Distributing is your start-to-finish solution. We more than understand the phrase, "Pigs are coming!"
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Whether it is planning the building’s insulation, feed and water systems, air and ventilation challenges, loading and unloading flow, office layout, configuring generator and back-up power, planning exterior work flow, planning waste or energy management, we have you covered. Hamilton Distributing is working with farmers all the time improving their systems and improving our ability to deliver a better product for over 60 years.
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